About this blog, Caveat Emptor

I am a dad, of four kids, I’d dare say. including 2 unborn ones, whom didn’t survive past the first trimester.

2 living breathing, kicking, screaming boys. loving and pissing the life out of me. Being a father is a like a walking book of irony. This is that book, mainly for my kids, to read when they are older. If you, my read readers, do find something interesting, well, I’m glad that I have contributed a little to your life experiences, and if it hadn’t well, it didn’t then.

Caveat Emptor

I would like to make it clear at this onset, that what I plan to post here is personal, comments and opinions are personal. I’m a rather peace loving chap and will refrain from racially, politically, and other potentially sensitive matters. I made this blog for my kids, not out to get attention.

If you the public reader out there, read and find something disturbing, please, highlight to me, if it warrants a removal and apology, I would, unreservedly. If it borders bothersome. then again, I’m sorry, it stays. I pretty much knows where I stand and I will not delve into unhappy, emotionally flammable material.

Back to my stand, this is entirely personal. the acts, deeds, misdeeds quoted here are for highly (albeit unfortunately) trained professionals, so if you think my suggestion work, CAVEAT EMPTOR. if it worked for me, it might not work for you, if it worked for you, or not, it is your business, I will not be responsible for any actions you take or are going to take, by taking a leaf out of this blog. I do what I do, and you do what you do, if you think what I do, does it for you, then good. If it doesn’t then don’t do it. Pure and simple.

Next is about quoting, I am an open source, please feel free to quote me, Its not that what I say is mighty important, but if you find me useful in quotes, please quote, correctly. It wouldn’t hurt to put a reference to your source. Mine is simple: https://thisisyourfather.wordpress.com/. Just tell people you got some smartypants parenting, fatherhood, esoteric, life, living, sex, self motivation tips from the writer of this blog; https://thisisyourfather.wordpress.com/

Back to quote, I personally hate plagiarism. Sure, imitation is the best form of compliments, some say. But I don’t live by that rule. if I got it from someone else, I will quote, as much as I can, If i don’t know where I got it from I’d say, I don’t know. I will not take your hard earned, original work and pass on as my own. I’m here to blog, write and not photocopy.

The bottom line is, I want the mood to be light, open and simple. You readers, please enjoy my blog. If there is a feedback, I would gladly take it, (with no guarantee I would do something about it!). And boys, you have no recourse, THIS IS YOUR FATHER’S BLOG!




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