All time high…3519

Dear Boys,

It was never thought to be an exciting thing writing a blog for the both of you, but as I evolve as a writer for this blog, I also learn, and improve on my writing. Although I want to say that the numbers is not my primary aim, I’d be a complete liar if I say it didn’t bother me a bit.

As at 8 December, Tuesday, yesterday, the viewership hit 3519. I’m really not a very numbers person, but one thing that serves as a feedback, what I write for your boys has a strong complementary vibe with the ground. Readers do relate to what I write. I can’t help but compare, that it is still a long way to go, and honestly ‘3519‘ is quite paltry, according to other blogging giants out there, who can easily hit 5 digits viewership.

Keeping up with the proverbial Jones, is always a matter of relativity, more importantly, I want to put this up as a ‘celebration’ of an achievement, life’s too short to wait and celebrate ‘big’ achievements, we need to find little nitty gritty small accolades and give ourselves pat on the back for doing well, every now and then, here and there, up and down, left and right.

writing for the both of you to read as a testament of your dad’s journey as a parent…

While I’m not out to compete for viewership, keeping to the true spirit of this blog; writing for the both of you to read as a testament of your dad’s journey as a parent; the glowing ‘3519’ do tug me to put up posts, harboring towards ‘populist’ subjects. It’s tempting, really, but deep down inside, I know if I do that, it will no longer be a blog about a dad writing for his 2 sons. Yes, I’m keeping (trying to) my ego in check. ‘LOL’

So I will soldier on, and write, nice stuffs, mundane stuffs, some day to day stuffs, not-so-nice stuffs; so at the end of the day, I sincerely do hope, the 2 most important readers in the world, find solace and relevance in these writings.

For all my other readers, thank you for the support and it is really very humbling to know that what I write, from the deep caverns of my mind, resonates with you. It gives me a conviction to continue writing, and sharing insightful nuggets about my thoughts about being a parent, parenting and how it our daily affairs affects us.


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