Our shared stories

Dear Boys,

You dad’s friend, Uncle Adrian has been very kind to feature this blog on his posts. You see he was making a list of Dad Bloggers in Singapore and you dad happened to be one of them.

I know what this blog is for, you boys can read it when you are much older (perhaps sooner than later!). Getting attention is the last thing on my list, yes, it is still on my list. You can find out more about Dad bloggers from his post http://adriantan.com.sg/the-ultimate-list-of-daddy-bloggers-in-singapore/

Just out of curiosity, I went to see what the other Dad Bloggers are about, by far, hands down, without going into details, the rest of the guys beat this blog hands down. They have better graphics, pictures, more colours, more interesting stories too!

I also saw that a number of them put very nice family photos, kiddos and all. I blog with none of the both of your being pictorially exposed. I write about you both, I tell stories about the both of you, but I want none of your pictures in my posts. Well, at least not your most current pictures.


Perhaps it was a protective nature for me, as your dad, you boys are entitled your privacy, you both are young now, and wouldn’t know if it is the best thing for your pictures to be in the internet, and attract attention and consequences that we least expected.

Well, maybe I’m being a little paranoid, what could happen? At best, good vibes, people recognizes the both of you, and you boys attract and enjoyed a decent following. Or otherwise! The bottom line is as your dad, I cannot assume that in pasting your picture all over the net, is in your best interest. You boys deserve your privacy, and perhaps when you are old enough to decide, you can decide if you want all these attention, until then I as your dad, will decide that you boys will have the privacy to grow at your own pace.


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