What uncle Willem saw

Dear Boys,

I was having my In-Camp-Training and as usual, I managed to hitch a ride from my camp buddy, Willem. This morning, while in his car, he shared with me something he saw while he was walking some time ago.

I’ll walk with you

The old lady was walking back, with hands full of plastic bags, there was not way of telling if she’d preferred to walk and skipped taking a bus. But for whatever reasons, she was walking until another old lady on a bicycle rode up from behind and asked her, if she’d stayed nearby, why didn’t she wanted to take a bus. Eventually, the lady on the bicycle told her that she can put her stuff on her bike’s basket and they can walk together since they are on the same way. Based on Willem’s observation, these two old ladies are complete strangers and it warmed his heart to witness such spirit of giving and helping.

So you can visualise the 2 old ladies walking together talking about things, giving and accepting help from total strangers.

“It is nice to see acts of giving on the streets!”

Nice haircut, nicer service

The other time, he saw another incident at one of those $10 Japanese hair saloons. there was a queue in line and a person in wheel chair came for a hair cut, Willem can tell that the caretaker, the person pushing the wheel chair exhibited signed of being a mentally challenged individual. The folks in the queue let the wheel chair customer jumped queue as if it was the most natural thing to do. The stylist was also very kind to help the disabled individual slot the note into the machine to transact a hair cut.

There are still nice things happening around us and we need to open our eyes to see the human spirit


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