Your coolest birthday party ever

Dear Wayne,

You have the coolest birthdays, yeah, that’s your bragging rights. As the youngest, we parents are sometimes guilty of the ‘been there, done that’ attitude. Your elder brother has had a lot of cool birthday parties and you as the second one, we just didn’t really quite bother to up the ante. Well, just simple birthday parties for you will be suffice.

But we feel guilty as well, sometimes, if we are to look back at the photographs, your elder brother will appear to have a more ‘happening’ birthdays. Not wanting you to feel outdone, we will try to make yours as memorable too.

So this year, you casually asked for a Nerf party. So we had to make it happen for you.


So I had to come up with a Army style invites for you and your 20 odd friends and guests. I also booked both Barbecue pits on our roof top garden so that we can have the entire roof top to ourselves, so that we can get crazy shooting each other up. I also made some ‘checkpoint’ out of corrugated card which can provide you and your Nerf gang some cover and some realism. But unfortunately, the wind was so strong, it was nature’s big bad wolf, it huffed and puffed and blew away my cardboard house! It was a lost cause, the cardboard was too light and there wasn’t anything good to anchor it to. well, I just let it be.

When your friends arrived, you kiddos have a way of sorting things out on your own, and with my ‘Special Forces’ and ‘Ranger’ sticker tab, you boys and girls has figured out who is ‘Special Forces’ and ‘Ranger’. Heck, some liked it both as asked for both tabs!

I had some idea of grouping the both into 2 teams and play maybe tag, or snatch the flag. but my intention was futile. for a good 4 hours, all boys and girls were running crazy shooting whoever and whatever that moves. There was no need for the adults to do anything, you kiddos dominated the whole roof top!

Your Cake


Your mum made this interesting ‘pull out’ birthday cake, instead of cutting it, you simply pull it out, as it was made of cupcakes underneath, you were generous enough to give away some of your army men and we, your parents on the other hand has to stop your friends from taking away your tanks, trucks and jeeps as we need to use them for your next birthday cake in school!

Anyway, we ended quite late, way past the 10pm stipulated timing for the party cut off as mandated by the Town Council. We can tell that you and your big brother are super shacked and true to our observation, you both spend the next day sleeping in!


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