Karma and the joke about it

Dear boys,

I learned something very profound about a very recent tragic event. Air Asia QZ8501 crashed and probably killed everyone on board on 27 December 2014. We can be sure that all 162 lives on board has perished. As of now, international rescue efforts are ongoing to reach the plane wreckage, underneath the sea?

Every now and then, we hear about people harboring a vindictive spite, will use the proverbial, ‘What comes around, goes around.’ or wished ‘bad karma’ upon a person with a nasty attitude. We have all been there, we are helpless against most people who did bad things to us, and we often ‘wish’ that karma will catch up on our perpetrators so that they get a taste of their own medicine. We hope that they will reap what they sow. They do bad things and will get a bad karma.

It was profound because, putting it crudely, this tragic event can be based on the sweeping concept of karma. It is ‘bad’ karma. Take a look at Tony Fernandez, the boss of Air Asia, as a businessman, I don’t think he is a saint. he would have sacked his fair share of staffs, did some things which others might be disadvantaged. He is in business, he has to ‘kill’ or be ‘killed’. So is this tragic event, happening to him, to his company, to the people who worked for him, because of his ‘bad’ karma.

No always so!

The incident taught me a deep lesson on personal faculty of choice. Tony can react tragically, he can capitulate, he can run away, he can hide behind a wall of corporate policies and do the necessary, do what is needful, pay out the insurance, handle the deceased, send counselors to the bereaved family. you know do things by the book, and through the process.

He didn’t.

He stepped up, took responsibility, and is determined not to make a bad situation worse. He made a strong statement, and clearly said that he is not running away. He is the leader of the company, and he will be as honest  and as open as he can. These are simple, direct words that the victims of the air crash needs to help them cope with this event. He didn’t say anything else and remained present and strong. If this event is a result of a ‘bad’ karma, tony has stepped up and made good out of a ‘bad’ karma.

As the result, his leadership and energy has helped transit the situation, from one that is desolation and despair to one of concerted, concentrated effort. You can sense a level of quiet determination and strength from Tony, to make sure that people are taken care of, the dead are treated with utmost respect, the living are given the best care possible. It was a conscious choice, a decision he take, no matter what his detractors can say about him, or snickered that he got what he deserved, you cannot discredit that he work towards the best outcome, in this very bad day in his life. Despite of being dealt with a very bad deck of cards, Tony continues to strive and accumulate merit through the good work he is doing.

That is making ‘bad’ Karma good.

(View video clip on Tony Fernandez’s statement)



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