Quadrant 2, Part 2

Dear Ian,

This is not a concept that you can embrace easily. I can see that struggle in you as you try to sort out your life, planning down the minutes and hours.

This is on a tactical level, you hadn’t really figured out the important part,well, sometimes, you just have to do this, which is also important, until the purpose of your life surface.

I told you that everyone, moi included, usually lives in all the other quadrant, except quadrant 2. we do not plan our lives, instead react to the external stimulus and react accordingly to it. The thing is as long as we do not figure out what is right and important to us, we will usually succumb to the important things of other people. People with their more important things will impinge on us and enroll our resources to help them accomplish their important things. This is fine as long as what they do as important is in line with your priorities, then you get Synergy. more often than not, you get people barge into your life, and yank you out to get you to ‘help’ them do what they want and then leave you unceremoniously after they have used you to accomplish what they want. That is living a life of dependence, we depending on outside influences and powers to justify our existence.

Aligning Quadrant 2

Once quadrant 2 is aligned, we will look to sync with other people’s Quadrant 2, everybody has them. Many of us will have permanent residence in the other quadrant, which is fine. As long as we wear the glass that allows us to pick up Quadrant 2, then we will look into other people’s Quadrant 2 and see if the contents in there is align with ours or not. If not, we move on, there is no need for conflict once we have our priorities set straight, we do not need to compete for resources, we have abundance in Quadrant 2.

Once we can align our Quadrant 2 with other people’s Quadrant 2, we can work together, on a higher level, accomplish more than what we can do alone, without a sense of being made used of, with a sense of value, team work, camaraderie. And once that alignment is out, we move on, cherished the past collaboration, and not bitter that it has ended, not being romantic about the past. We move on, and look for other collaboration to enrich our lives and the lives of other Quadrant 2 dwellers.


This is deep stuff, Ian, that many adults failed to put into action, I’ve read the book myself more than 3 times, and every time I read it, it renews something in me. And now, when you come to me to talk about the relationship between your dad and your younger brother, I know that your window is open. You begin to matter about things that mattered. So I took this chance and explained this to you, last Saturday evening. We talked till late, and since then,we’ve been talking till late. There is so much to cover and you at 9 years old, is perfect, for me.

Some started younger, as young as primary 2. At 8 years old, this boy figured out at that age, he wants to go into Raffles Institution (RI), a premier school. He was laugh at in school and his parents has their own challenges. When he got his Primary 6 result, he knows he is going to RI.

No I am not bring this up in hopes that you do what he did. What I want to impress upon you is that the by took 4 years of ridicule in school, faced a challenging family circumstance and triumph in the end! He has it planned down for the 4 years, ignoring the taunts and external difficulties, because his internal flame is lit bring, his internal compass strong, this makes him independent. He can accomplish because he is internally focused. He knows clearly what he wants and he goes out to get it. He is a kid with grit, and a lot of character. He knows and swims in his Quadrant 2.

Looking forward to greater things

 You will see people like this, internally directed, purposeful and be drawn towards them. Your plans will lead you to greater things. And when you plan, you also make room for greater things. Most of the time we think our lives are packed, but most of the time, are packed with urgent, not urgent and unimportant things. Thing that are screaming for our attention. when we allocate things proper, we will realise that we have a lot more room, space to do things, to be thing and allow things to happen. Because serendipity is not so serendipitous in reality, you have to have space, allocated in a purposeful manner so that happy, lucky things can have a chance to come by your way and for you to have the attentiveness to notice it, and catch it.

Longitudinal attitude 

Hopefully we can have you pick up the habit and smoother out any teething problems, which will be plenty, for once, I can tell that you are taking it internally, making your own time to plan, and hopefully it can work out and we can make space for bigger things!


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