The Decision Making process

Dear Ian,

So far in your life, you and your little brother is still externally oriented towards us, your parents, for your pain and pleasure duality, for right and wrong.

So far, of late I have been telling you to take this accreditation and move them inwards. Really successful people, have their own pain/pleasure switch internally. They know their own expectations and when they fall short, will not hesitate to punish themselves, and when they attain their goals, they will reward themselves.

When they have this tuned down to the T, they will know how far they can go, and when they have enough, they will know when to stop. They know when they can push themselves, and when they cannot. And because they have a strong internal compass, external influences, seldom influence them.

Well, let’s be frank, anyone, and everyone love pleasure, the crux of it is the pain. If you dare to punish yourself, push yourself, punch yourself hard, you will gain internal strength, and external alignment. People will come to know you as a person who can do things, accomplish thing and respect you for your accomplishments. External forces will dispense themselves to help you.

Not that you want it, by now if you can and will punish yourself for the mistakes you make, you’d beless bothered with what people say or think about you.

You need this internal decision making process, to accomplish things of your desire, and not to be swayed of external forces, your father included.


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