Adjectives of life

Dear Boys,

We live a literate life. We study and learn language for the purpose of helping us communicate.More importantly, it is about the communication we have with ourselves.

We are the main ‘subject’ of our lives, it is all about, me, myself and I.

So the ‘verb’ part is the doing. We ‘do’ all the time. even when we are doing nothing, we are still ‘doing’ nothing.

These are the basic, you cannot, not exist, and you cannot not do.

That brings us to the description of the doing, the Adjectives.

Look at it this way, boys, let’s take an example:

I write.

I write terribly

I write slowly

I write beautifully

I write with great anger

I write by the ocean

I write forever

You see, the adjectives, or adverb phrase describes the action. All of our lives are described by our choice of adjectives. So you need to know the adjectives to use in life. Good, constructive adjectives frames your thoughts and attitudes. Destructive and self-depreciating adjectives, dis-empowers you, robs you of positive vibes.

So it is not just about the doing, the verb. But it is also about how you describe the doing. That will determine if your doing is going to be fabulous or your doing will be sub-par.

Communicate with yourself, using the best choice of adjectives, the most empowering adverb phrase. and you’ll see more value n your doing, and purpose in your doing.

Adjectives will help you reach goals and make the abstract, material. Learn and make the best adjectives out there, your best friend.


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