Be Victorious

Dear Boys,

Your dad is not a competitive person, there is no medals at home to boast about your dad’s winning. I’m just average, competitive yes, but not to a level where I am first, second or third.

I’ve never find a need to do that, frankly, because there is no value I can associated with a piece of metal hanging around your neck. if you lose everyone makes a big deal. My ego is frail, perhaps, I’m not a brave person.

Well, whatever it is, you must, as a human being, be victorious. This is more important than winning. When you compete, there is only two outcome, you either win or lose. But victory is another thing altogether. You can lose and still be victorious.


As long as you measure you against your greatest enemy; you. Whatever you do, do you best and measure it against yourself. The other guy just happened to be there. And if the other guy happens to be better than you, well, that is where he wins. But if he wins and he remains unsatisfied, he will not feel victorious.

Similarly, if you fight a good fight, you did your baddest best, and you prepared, came prepared for all contingencies, and yet you still fail, you still lose, then walk away learned, but never feel that you have beenĀ defeated, because there is always an element out there that you cannot factor in. That is Murphy’s Law. The more you go out there and fight, and compete, the more you will get ot know about Murphy’s Law and the more you know about Murphy’s Law, the better prepared you will be, in experience and in skill. So you will be victorious, as long as you tried your best, winning is a by-product of a well prepared, well executed game plan. if you lose, don’t lose that victor’s attitude. If you can do that even in defeat, then you have already won.


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