We are your memory

Dear boys,

We are your memory, period. We remember things for you long before you can remember them, which is what parents and grand parents are for.

There will be events too young for you to remember, situations, and embarrassing moments caught in memory. Things you did unwittingly and wittingly! Those ‘candid camera’ moments.

Sure there are cameras, and video cameras to help along with that. we can see the pictures and watch the videos, but who is the one who add some context to the pictures? And give more than the sights and sounds?

Parents and grandparents tell stories about you and the deeds done, more than that we tell you stories about our struggles and pains, the trials and tribunals of our lives, we give you our ‘been there, done that’ epiphany so that you can have some perspective. Not every challenges you faced are new, and sometimes in our stories, we are able to share our solutions and how we handled our lives’ difficulties.

Life is more than reinventing the wheel. We are telling stories for your memories, so that you can see while you may have encountered some new developments in your lives, nothing in life is really ‘new’. The ‘new’ in this equation is perhaps your input into your situation, your action and decisions, to an age old problem.

Our stories are like recipes, some bake wonderful cakes, and some are for disasters. Sure you can get the recipes easily (during my time, we “Google” what we want to find out, you grand parents’ time, the good old brick and mortar library, perhaps?), information is everywhere. but who is to give you the experience? Our Recipes gives you the taste, the experience of texture, timing. You’ll need to see the level of the creaminess of the cake batter, the colour of the rise,  how long you let the cake set. we know and we know how to work the recipes.

And we are your walking dictionary and encyclopedia of life, we have baked, we have danced, we have failed, we have triumphed , we have lost, we have gained, we have loved, and hated, we have all been there, and now we will bring all that in a wonderful, versatile package of information, ready for your access.

So use us, we are the memory of a life you didn’t remember, those memories will give you life context, help you make sense of who you are, and how the world was like before you are more, we are you link to your past. Talk to us and learn, miss that and you’ll miss the past you have but never knew.


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