Penmanship is not Handwriting!

Penmanship BookDear Ian,

When I bought this book for you, I was hoping that with practice, you can write better.

Frankly speaking, your handwriting is terrible!

Yes, we are at the digital age, we type, we ‘QWERTY’ a hell lot. and in fact, academics and other experts who is bothered with handwriting, is bothered that the quality of our handwriting is deteriorating! In short, penmanship is a dying art!

Here is one dad, trying in vain to stem that trend, well at least my 2 kids.

Penmanship is important. It is you.

Like what I told you last evening, Your attitude towards this book is that of ‘handwriting’, you are aiming for the mirage of perfection. What I saw was you, copying letter for letter. I don’t see a practice of writing, I see an attempt, a lousy attempt by a human boy to do a computer’s job. There was almost e-q-u-a-l spacing between the letters, there is no word, there are letters.

What I want is ‘PENMANSHIP’ not handwriting, what I want is writing, not copying letter for letter. what I want is READING, reading the phrases and transferring them into the book.

Writing as I mentioned, has everything to do with reading. you cannot read properly, you cannot write properly, period. You read it wrongly, you’ll for sure, write it wrongly!

So please, I hope by the time you read this, your penmanship is at least up to speed and in decent character and dignity. And you can read this post, in retrospective, in amusement.


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