Thinking for yourself vs thinking selfish thoughts

Dear Ian,

There is a difference in the two ways of thinking. Unfortunately, most of us, are often stuck in the latter, instead of the former.

These two thought processes seems rather similar.

But they are not.

When you think for yourself, it means that you are able to tease apart, the ‘you’ from the ‘self’. More often than not, the ‘you’ or the ‘me’ as in the personality,the ego is always wanting pleasure, always wanting, wanting. In my opinion, thinking for yourself, is the ability for the ‘self’ to tell the ego, prioritise, make choices, and sacrificing the pleasure, now, for the greater pleasure later. Thinking for yourself is in my opinion, a selfish act, for the greater good. your own good.

That means that you are able to think on a high level, not just being a whiny little kid.

Well, thinking selfish thoughts needs no introduction. It is the impulse-like decision-making. seeking the immediate pleasure, sometimes at others expenses. Which means you do things with only consequences for yourself.

Looking at the now, now, and when you cannot get it, you fret, instead of thinking about ways to get it, perhaps seek help, perhaps collaborate. perhaps, helping others get what they want, so that they can help you get what you want.

Selfish thoughts, is all about me, me and me.

So I hope that by the time you read this, you’ll have already made a habit of choosing the former, over the latter.


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