Reality and Perception

Dear Boys,

Recently, there was a couple of news breaking event. A Malaysian Airline plane, MH370 went missing, and it is a Boeing 777, which was supposed to be a very sophisticated aircraft. Last year, in December 2013, there was a riot in Little India. It was one of the worst civil unrest in recent history. And lately, there was some breach in the ICA (Immigration Checkpoint Authority) at the Woodlands check point. A Malaysian Teacher drove into Singapore with being stopped, by the time the alarm was raised she was long gone, only to be arrested a few days later. And the another uncle drove his Mercedes Benz through a ‘Cat Claw’ which is a vehicle barrier. What was supposed to stop the Benz, apparently failed.

We living in Singapore, has the best of everything, best of the Airport, best of the shopping centres, Best ports, and a lot of other best things. And this makes us a rich nation, very, bloody rich. But one thing we need to remember. When we are this rich, we can buy the best to deal with the worst.

We have the resources available to handle the worse situation, or so we think.

The failures is a reflection on how we think we can deal with reality and what reality really is, reality is really a big fat ugly bitch. There is no negotiating it, it is unreasonable, it will upset every thing you have in mind, ala the Murphy’s Law.

We still need ingenuity, spontaneity, and creativity to deal with reality. The best equipment will fail, process will capitulate, structure will collapse. What is left behind is every single individual one of us to come up with something creative, something that is us, and through a collective ‘me’, then we can have a sustainable ‘us’.


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