Read and Write

Dear Boys,

What is the correlation between Reading and Writing?

The smartest people in the world can write, that is a given, but do you know they are also the most avid readers?

It is not just reading, but reading smartly. People who read well, and read properly can understand the contextual relations in the contents. They can relate to the written. They can not only read, but also use their creativity and imagination to bring what they read to life, in their head.

They are able to play with the scenarios in their head after reading. and mutate and role play what was read.

When they need to write, that is where the proof of the pudding is. What they write will tell them about what they’ve read. The writing part, especially when it is written neatly, concisely, and quickly tells how gathered a person’s thought is.

A person who writes well, thinks well, and those who thinks well, reads well, and read a lot.


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