Dear boys,

Bullying will exist in all facets of human existence. It is real, whether you’d consider it unfortunate or not, I’ll leave that judgement to you.

Ian, during your time in Kindergarten, you told us there is this girl, who always disturbed you when you are in the toilet, doing your morning business. She will kick your door and this is unnerving to you, inside the cubicle, perhaps her actions will interrupt your call of nature.

Anyway, what we as your parent did was to ask you to pretend to go and do your morning business, go into the cubicle but not do your business. predictably, she will come and kick your door, and when she does, open the door and scream at her!

Well, I can’t specifically recall how that episode ended, or if you did exactly what we told you to do. Amongst other things, we also did told you to talk to your teacher about it.

Whatever it is, that situation went away.

Bottom line is this, boys, talk, talk to us about any instances of bullying in school. We are your parents and we know you, but we cannot fight the bully for you, we can only teach you ways to deal with them.

So far I do not have to worry much because both of you have quite strong personalities and I don;t think you 2 will attract bullies, more importantly, I’m worried you boys become bullies yourself!


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