late boomer

Dear Ian,

I think you are a late boomer.

Why do I say so? Perhaps it is from what I observed. Your mother is a challenging time teaching you some of the curriculum. You seem to lack the focus!

Well, that perhaps is an excuse for me? As your parent?

Then again who am I to ‘judge’ your learning capacity and absorption ability? Maybe I have an internal expectations and has already pegged your work against an unfair, unknown, and perhaps non-existent benchmark.

It could possibly be a case of me ‘keeping up with the Jones’ except in this case, the Jones are not real!

Whatever it is, when we look at the Primary 3 textbooks, perhaps we expect you to ‘know’ them and able to work with them. admittedly there are some gaps in terms of your ability to match what is written on the pages. The question is, we are not sure specifically the gaps and how we as parents can help you along with that.

I guess these are some of the angst as parents because we really, specifically will never know how we can quantify learning and put a specific formulae to help our children. Perhaps you are at Primary 3 at a social level, but your literal development is not? Maybe your artistic capacity is at primary 4? You may have other latent, hidden talents that is at a level which is above and beyond any level of humanistic appreciation?

Alas! the worries and angst of being a parent!



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