Being angry

Dear Ian,

I think at this age, you will know anger, on a personal level.

Of course, your sense of self is more than developed and you can feel it when people makes you angry. On top of that your egoistical Self centred nine-year-old self will add complication to the already complicated matter.

You told your mum and me today that this girl Clara makes you angry and you quarrel with her, before that you were sitting with Regine and you also quarrelled with her. Or in your account, she quarrelled with you.

The problem is, Ian, you.

We brought this to your attention as we all have anger, and in your words, you have your anger on ‘standby’ waiting to get angry at people who offends you.

Well, boy, you have to understand, all of us have our angers on standby. The ‘better’ ones have theirs on standby a little longer than others.

You have to learn how to make yours standby longer too.


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