You father likes the following things

Dear boys,

You dad likes Kit Kat, Garfiled the Cat comics,

He sang 2 songs to your mum, in the wedding dinner, and this is all before singing and making a fool out of yourself in front of your guests becomes a norm lately.

The songs he sang are: Right here waiting, by Richard Marx and When you say nothing at all, by Ronan Keating. Your uncle was strumming his guitar. And I sang like shit.

His fav food is Bak Kut Teh, Onion Eggs, anything coconutty, can be Bur Bur Cha Cha, or chendol. and oh yes, he cannot resist Durians.

He is not much of a ‘ball’ person, but he does decently on wheels, he was an avid mountain biker, and he rides motorbikes before (he’d very much loved to continue with those stuff, but he has to get past your mum’s nagging worry.)

Balls meaning basketball, soccer and all those ball things, he’d not too good in them.

He can jog and jog a lot. He also can swim and he learned how to swim when he damned near drowned in his very first mini-triathlon. since then he can do about 40 laps in front crawl at ease.

To date, he has about 19 years of Aikido training, and he holds a 2nd Dan.

So boys, what is your likes and favs?




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