The Helpful Little Boy

Dear Wayne,

We knew from young you are a little more independent than your brother. You can play on your own, and make up your own ‘CRASH, BOOM, BANG” games.

I heard from your mum, that your peers’ parents and teacher says some fine things about you.

Your mother also observed that you are more independent, and when you pack your bags to go home, you usually have your things squared away. Whereas, your older brother, at your age, has his things scattered all over the place. You had your favorite Tigger cap stashed into your schoolbag. your water bottle is where it should be. Organised.

Your classmates’ parents speaks well of you, saying that you will help your mates pack their school bags and also help them put on their jackets should they be cold. If they are not feeling well, you will bother to ask them ‘Are you OK?’

There is a lot of feeling and EQ for a kid your age, and it makes me feel a kid of proud that as your parent, somehow I did something right, you turn out alright.



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