The Everyday Experts

Dear Boys,

In my time, there is this group of people who are colloquially called The Everyday Expert, in our context, let’s call them “TEE” for the sake of the conversation.

These TEEs are everyday people, most of them quite well-studied, meaning they commonly hold a degree or higher, working professional, a specialist in their line of work. And they are OPINIONATED.

Take for parenting. I learned recently on phrase “When a person who does not have kids, gives me parenting advise, I’ll tell them to f**k off!”

Well, I am not that sort to tell people profanities, after all these people  to be helpful. They’d like to let you know about something that you might not know about. But then again, the road to hell is pave with good intentions. It is these good intentions that I would like you two to take note of. Every intention is borne out good. But not everyone out there can tell you how much bad, good can do in the wrong turn, time, context and crowd.

I can tell you being a parent, your parent, there is no one standard way of raising you 2, What works for Ian, might not work for Wayne. One rules have to be bent, the other enforced. There are no standards in parenting. When you come across well intended people who gives you nice sweeping statements like these, they are potential TEEs.

You: ” I jogged regularly, sometimes, about 15 klicks at a go.”

Potential TEE: “Oh you got to watch out for your knee, My cousin, he is a regular jogger and he takes XXX supplements to protect his knees!”

This inferred reference implied that the TEE has potentially never actually jogged as much as you did, so he would like you to know that he knows of someone who jogged as much even more, hence a reference to an expert, will potentially makes him one.

TEEs typically would be eager to volunteer their opinions to you, without you asking for them. To them it is a contest of content, not context. As long as it is ‘parenting’ they will have something to say even though the closest they’ve got was being a kid’s uncle or aunt. TEEs typically have answers to ALL questions, and solutions to all problems, including disarmament of the Nuclear Superpowers, and the impasse between North and South Korea, and the reunification of the North and South Poles.

Never let these people influence you, spot their shallow and slightly out of context answers quickly and move on, don’t get hook answering them, because it will be a waste of your time, and your response will only give them power to showcase how little they know.

And of course, please, do not become a TEE. If you find yourself doing anyone of those things I’ve just described, find a nice solid concrete pillar and bang your silly self smart-ass skull on it hard!


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