Some new ways to discipline

Dear Boys,

Since I’ve abstain from using the rod on you two, I have to constantly think of ways to enforce discipline, with having to do bodily harm to you.

Just this afternoon, while we were at your cousin, En-Ya’s 1st month’s baby shower, you, Ian happily scooped a handful and sand and put it on your little brother’s helmeted head. As you boys were donned in bicycle helmets, the sand will pass through the holes in the helmet and onto your brother’s hair, and potentially the eye as well!

I don’t know why you did that, perhaps out of mischief. I have to punish you, not only for this but for some other things you did, like throwing stones, when I told you not to.

So it was either I cane you or I have to do something else. So I did something else. I made you serve your little brother the whole afternoon. And doing that seem to cause you a certain level of stress that you started crying, a little. perhaps from the worry that 弟弟 will make things difficult for you.

Well, how difficult can a 5-year-old be?

But the message was received loud and clear, of course, I have to supplement this with a good dose of talking explaining to you why I punished you, and how you have to suck it up and take the punishment. Which you seem to get the point and tried to serve to your 弟弟‘s needs, in earnest.

Your 弟弟 also does not want to see you being caned and tried to tell me that he is overall happy with the service you are providing so that you will not get the cane.

This ‘service-oriented’ punishment will work you and not for Wayne, as he is too young, still too ego-centric to see the value.

Well, at least, no one went to sleep tonight with painful welts on their butts!


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