T-Rex’s arms

T-Rex's fingers

Dear Ian,

We all know T-Rex (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-rex)  has a pair of little arms which experts has been disputing what they are for.

When we visited the Science Centre yesterday, and the facilitator asked us if we can guess what is the two tiny fingers used for?

Well, you gave the best answer that the man can remember for a long time!

“The fingers are used for tickling each other!”

At that moment when you gave your answer, I can tell that you were quite serious about giving the right answer and it was not mean as a joke. You meant for the answer to be a serious one, but, when you said it, it came across as quite a funny answer. I know if I do not respond correctly, you’ll feel that you have been mocked at. And the look in your eyes told you’d wanted your answer to be accepted, not laugh at, and Ian, as long as you are my son, your answer is good, no matter how funny it sounds.

Well, your mum had a good laugh over it, and well, truth to the matter, the man admitted that you could be right, since no one really knows what these small teeny weeny fingers are used for!  So for the record, if they do realised that the fingers are really used by one T-Rex for tickling fellow T-Rex green in the face, my son got it! Hey after all, being a dino apex predator can be serious business and often very stressful, a little laughter could be helpful in their lives!

Well, before we visited the exhibition, there was a series of Dinosaur related documentary on NatGeo which you caught, and the program hypothesised that the fingers was probably used for some kind of a sexual foreplay between 2 intimate T-Rexes. Ha,ha, funny how that interpretation came up to become ‘tickling’ each other!

The man says he will remember you for a long time as having the most original answer!


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