Of Dearth and Death

Dear Sons,

You know, as humans we have been unhappy for the longest of time, and will probably remain so for many more Eons to come. We all seek happiness, and there are millions of self-help gurus came and went and they seem to be the happiest folks. Happiness and good fortune, it seems, is always happening to others, other than us and we seem to suck at being happy.

Yes, you will venture this way, if you have not already.

I realise that, until recently. All happiness and unhappiness is tied to this thing call Death. the proverbial and inevitable THE END. no one can escape it, all great sages and criminals alike, all die. There is really no eternal life, well, at least not in physicality. There is no human being who has lived till the age of 500 years old. That is a guarantee.

Since we all will die, and that being the compulsory, non-negotiable big unknown, what can we do about it? We fret over it, we pray over it, we have done so many things, seek enlightenment, but eventually, we will all still die. And there is no stopping it, being the greatest lottery in life, we will never know when it will come.

The feeling of dearth is dreary, the impending death of our being, terrible!

What if we can do something and live beyond our death? No I’m not talking about some mumbo jumbo, immortal suggestion. That would have been immoral!

We are meant to die, that is alright, actually. But what is more important, my sons, is to live, and to live so well, that when death comes, it no longer occupies such a big part of our lives.

We humans are unique. we live for others, and do things for others, in that, we get a value to our lives. You will never see a tiger lay down its life for another tiger, well maybe there are instances but these are rare. for human beings, this happen almost every day around the world. We are meant to complement each other. And when we do, we live a little more. Therefore the more we do things for other people, the more momentum we build into our purpose, our purpose of living.

It starts with the family, Me as a husband to my wife, your mum, and then to the both of you, and to your grand parents, so on and so forth. Externally, we have friends of which we do things for. We must continually expand our life and purpose. If we collapse, death will loom.

What I am trying to say is, we need to live that life, and build a momentum of living that goes on long after our death. Think Steve Jobs, his products will outlive him long after he is dead. Great people dies in physicality and their ideas and generosity lives on, far longer than their living. That makes their death a worthy death.

That is the irony of life, you cannot think about yourself, and you cannot think about death. You also cannot think about this life, and its expiry, you have to think about this life and beyond. Do things, build things, and make things that lasts and outlasts you, build ideas that people can follow long after you are dead. Make a project so big it takes your entire life, and more. Think Mount Rushmore. Build things so that when you die, people can take over and bring it to greater good, and when you can do that, death and dearth will no longer be a concern to you.


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