Suffering in Existence

Dear boys,

One thing you will experience, is Suffering.


Well, the way your dad sees it is that is has something to do with our existence. You see, boys, we exists, period. You go to sleep, you lose consciousness, whatever you are doing, you cannot erase your existence, well, your physical existence to say the least.

To question our existence is to suffer, for our existence is unquestionable, undeniable, and non negotiable.

But when we try to find the answer to our existence, we will suffer. Because in order to find the answers, we have to CREATE the questions. And when human create something, it is almost always never perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect question, hence there will never be a perfect answer, so please, live with that.

Life is really a cesspool of mystery. You have got to live with that, there is no knowledge out there that you can acquire that will give you “THE ANSWER” to why we exists. We exist simply because we exist. To question our existence is normal, to create a question to question that, and there after find or create an answer to answer our self created question, and you will have suffering.

It is that simple. There will be questions in life, which there will be no answers for. Try to find an answer to life’s question, and you’ll find suffering, more often than not.

No, don’t get me wrong, you can go ahead and learn whatever you want to learn, find out all you can about things and uncover mysteries, but do not forget, while you are doing that, please remember to live your life. And always bear in mind, no one ever gets to learn everything, we came to this world incomplete, we will leave this world, incomplete.

So embrace the questions, be comfortable with questions, be comfortable saying ‘I don’t know’ because that is simply the truth, no one really knows anything, really! Question the questions, but never attempt to find the answers to the questions, as long as you are sensible to question the questions, life will unfolds itself at its own pace and the answers will come to you, without you sparing an effort to look for the answers. Don’t find the answers, stick close to the questions and the answers are really nearby. No need to find them.

The beauty of life is in its mystery, the surprises and the never-know-what-is-going-to-happen-next, in the moment, in you face experiences. So to try and preempt life is in vain, to predict the future is to suffer. because in doing so, you are creating answers for a question that has yet to be questioned.



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