Your brother misses you

Dear Ian,

While you and your mum were busy with your studies last week, we decided to ‘park’ Wayne with your grandparents, so that he will not become a distraction to you. He was glad to go over but there was long telephone conversations between you and Wayne. Eventually what happened is a living breathing testament to the phrase “Distance makes the heart grows fonder.”

It seems that it is always more fun at the grand parents’ place as there was no dad to rule over you, no mum to scold you, and your grandparents absolutely adore you and Wayne, in an unconditional manner that only grandparents have for their grand kids. But, truth to the matter, Wayne has less fun without you, and wanted to come home.

It is nice to know that you 2 has bonded so well. He really cannot play without you and you will always be his default first choice for playmate. As kids, you simply don;t make a conscious, rational, logical decision to choose. you simply choose. And I’m very, very glad this is happening between the both of you.

Fight, like all brothers do, but I hope you still can listen to this, after your parents are long dead and gone, there are only the 2 of you, back to back against the world. Never play each other out, never sell each other out. This is not friendship, even though you 2 are the best of friends, and never turn against each other, when the world has turn against one of you.

You mean the world to your little brother, and although he can still get on your nerve, please remember, you are the elder brother, he will always be looking up to you, for your presence, for your company. Be there for him, that is non negotiable.




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