I don’t know!

Dear boys,

The world is such a scary place because of all the unknown dangers, all the what ifs. We do all we can to hedge ourselves against the unknowns. We get insured, we get educated, we get experts opinions and we do all sorts of things to be in the ‘know’. And for all you know, we still don’t know a lot!

Life is like that, we were never meant to know everything. Which is why in life, answers are not necessary. It is the questions, the incessant questions that drives the world. Not the answers. Answers will begets more questions, and answering more questions, begets even more questions, those who are not comfortable with questions,will never find the right answers.

While you boys, at your age, go about getting educated, remember, education and knowledge don’t mean squat in life. The education you get gives you the basics, the fundamentals, of which it should drives you to learn more about what you don’t know. The knowing of what you know will tell you that there is still a lot out there that is unknown. Never cling on to what you know, You already knew what you know but what you didn’t know is what you know will often prevent you from finding out how much you truly don’t know. And the bottom line is, you don’t know what you don’t know. And that has nothing to do with what you already knew.

People are generally unhappy, precisely because they knew that they are unhappy. And they do not know how to go about making themselves happy. The irony is that once they knew how to make themselves happy, they immediately become unhappy, because when they think they know what there is to know about happiness, it is no longer a happy thing.

Knowledge is fine to pursue and acquire, but never hang onto it for too long. Knowledge will stop you, chasing the unknown will move you. motivations and progress comes from going forward, despite of fear, despite of not knowing what tomorrow could bring.

But that is life! Life is a cesspool of mystery and the unknowns! That is where the potentials lies, knowledge lies in the proven, and once it is proven, we need to move on and do something else! Do new things, try unknown things, explore, explore explore!

Remember, the moment you get bored, is the moment you think you knew too much, you think you knew it all.

(P.S. this post is heavily influenced by a conversation I had with Steven Lim.)


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