Ghost story!

Dear Boys,

You will get to hear many many ghosts stories in your life, from friends and classmates, no harm adding some original ones to your own!

I was on a date with your mum, one evening and we were at Chinatown Point. We ate a rather late lunch, which was actually more like early dinner. After strolling around the newly refurbished Chinatown Point, we decided to cross over to People’s Park Centre to look at some handicrafts and crystals which your mum like as part of her hobby. There was an overhead bridge linking the 2 buildings and the bridge leads us into the 3rd floor of People’s Park Centre. We went into the shopping Centre and that was when it build up.

The shopping centre has a long aisle which is a typical layout in any longish shipping centre. It was already about 8 in the evening and there are only a few shops left open. We window shopped into one of the small shops which had some crystal handicrafts displayed outside, and your mum was drawn to some of the designs.

You dad was drawn to something else. Right down the aisle there was this restaurant, which was closed. It was either a Thai restaurant or Pinoy, but it was not the restaurant, per se, but something else. There was a feeling, a sensation that I cannot explain logically.

I told your mum. “Let’s go.”

She knew from the tone of my voice, and didn’t question it.

We went to the second floor, and I still could shake off the feeling. It was like a very strong instinct to respond. I KNEW if I’d stayed any longer, some bad would happen. There was no bravado, it was a matter of fact, I have to excuse myself from that place, I cannot exist at that place at that time, at that moment. The feeling, the message was so strong, I cannot rationalize it,

There is a certain energy there that cannot complement me, There is a clash and the sensation to evict myself was so strong. I simply leave.

It was surreal because I seldom react like that. I’m usually quite mentally prepared for any contingent situations but this is nothing I’ve ever felt before, there is no reasoning it, no facing it, nothing, you simple feel it, and get away from it. Weird, just to think about it. But I’m glad I did what I did, I trusted my instincts and didn’t toy with it. It was as real and as strong as it is, and I’m glad I acted. I’m not sure what would have happened had I stayed any longer, Perhaps nothing would have happened, Then again I was glad I didn’t wait around to find out!


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