Hardwork starts at 8 years old

Dear Ian

The past one week was PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) marking week, which means that kids like you get an entire week’s off while your teachers mark the papers away.

Since it is one week free from school. There is about 3 things you can do.

1- play the week away

2- go for extra tuition, in tuition and enrichment centres

3- have your parents coach you

You got option 3, which in our age and time is really hard to come by. This was a golden opportunity for your mum to catch up on some work as your SA2 (Semester Assessment) is coming in another 2 weeks’ time. I can tell it has been a challenging one week, of intensive drilling and grilling from your mum. And I hope it has been fruitful for you. Your mum has worked hard, I hope you get what she is trying to get you to get.

I didn’t get anything close to this when I was 8.

What you have was a golden opportunity to get guidance from your parents. I didn’t get any from mine, and my youth was wasted on the young, to leaf a quote from Richard Marx’s song. I was pretty much left to my own devices. No one told me what to do, provided guidance, motivate me, sit with me, test me, punish me dearly, and make sure I get what I need to prepare for hard work. In short my parents didn’t do squat for me, I was all for myself, and until I met  your mum and have this family, I was, still for myself.

No, I don’t blame my past for what I am today. but I certainly hope my past has been a little bit more productive. My parents did what they did to raise me, and they couldn’t do more, which i wished they could. We, as your parents gave you a hell lot more than what my parents gave your dad, you started your hard work towards a direction of excellence. I hope you can pick up the momentum from here and carry it on.

As I’ve said Option 3 is really hard to come by, To have your mum stayed home and schooled you, whenever she can, and pull your socks up for you, when you slack. Exhilarate you when you are bored. She did all this and she’s not paid a single cent. Even before birth, she has given her life to you, and until now she is still doing so, every single day, every little way.

It is the hard work that your mum and I want you to experience now. And it is a direction we want you to take. You see, Hard work is really hard work when you are working hard towards a direction of nihilism, hard work becomes really easy, when you are purpose directed. And we are giving you that purpose, that direction, now all you need to do is to work hard.



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