A Book of Positives

Dear Boys,

You will encounter many, many challenges in your lives, if you are not experiencing them now!

Challenges are normal, facing adversity is normal, being denied is normal.

Having said that, let’s change tact. If you can write a book that is absolutely positive. What will you fill the pages with? The logic part contest this statement. Everyone knows, there is no such thing as absolute positive! It is ridiculous! It is preposterous! It is impossible to be totally positive! Be realistic!

What if everyone is wrong? And reality, I tell you boys, is made up. It is made up of things you dream of, brought to life in the real world. If you dream positive, your reality will be positive.

What if there is such a book, what if there is really such a phenomenon as a totally, completely, perfectly happy state of being? What if there is really a book out there, like a totally positive book waiting to be written?

Go out there and write it! Write your own! Leave no lines for negatives, hatred, bias, or other happiness limiting phrases, and verbs. Banish them from your book! do not say ‘Hey, what I’ve written is TOO POSITIVE!’ There is no such thing as too much positivity!

Don’t let people tell you, ‘Surely you must have had some bad things happened to you!’ “Your life can’t be all rosy!’  Why not?! Sure we have bad things happen to us, but that does not mean that we cannot choose positivity over it!

This goes beyond ‘positive thinking’ This is being positive, not just BE positive. When you are a positive being, positivity begets positivity and always remember. there is no such thing as too much positivity. You do not need negativity to weigh you down. Negativity does not balance out positivity. You just have to be a positive being, that’s all. Negativity is not needed, thank you very much.


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