Faith, all of us have it

Dear boys,

Faith is not a religious thing. On the contrary you must have faith, before you can attend to religion. Faith is the one thing that distinguishes Humans from the rest of the species on Earth.

It is a human thing because we are born with faith. no other creatures on earth have that. Everything else, exists. We have faith and we are aware of it. But it is more than awareness, faith encompasses awareness. It is the most basic, fundamental intrinsic human value, faith. Pure faith brings penetrative awareness, otherwise it is simply blind faith, bringing awareness to matters without faith.

As humans, we do no question sun rise. (we can, but its like DUH!!) we have faith that, the next day comes, sun will rise. planets will turn. When we breath, we have faith that the air will fill our lungs, our hearts beat, with an autonomous sense of faith that our physicality can support life. Faith is so subliminal that when we conceive life, we never questioned the untold difficulties and adversities lie ahead of us. We go forth and copulate, and with faith we did. (love, lust and passion added as ingredients complicates the process!)

Faith is everywhere. Faith builds systems, because if you do not have faith, you will not try, you will not endeavor, you will not pick yourself up from failures, You will not go against the world. Having faith is the very first baby step to anything worth working on.

There is nothing abstract about faith, you have it, you can feel it, It is not a mushy thing, Love is a mushy thing, faith on the other hand is the velvet glove. It is firm, unyielding and very, very strong. It is faith that elevates the human race above all species on earth. With faith we build systems, traps, technologies, apparatus and a complex and diverse cultures like nothing on this planet.

Faith as a human trait is our sole and most important connection to nature. A lion knows it’s own job description, a pride of lion does not need a Mission Statement. Sharks are sharks, dolphins are dolphins, Rocks are, well, rocks. There is an order in nature, humans have our spot too, and faith is our organic ‘glue’ that binds us to nature. Faith defines our purpose on earth, without faith, we become mere creatures, and subjugate our responsibilities to responses and reactions. We lose our choice to choose, and begin to do stupid things, wrong things. And a human being, without faith, is a very dangerous creature indeed!

All the ‘wrong’ things done in this world, was done with a lack of faith. or having faith towards an unhealthy endeavour. When you open yourself and have faith, ask what you can do, having faith that you can do what you can do when you are asked to do it, then you do not need to strive needlessly. Things can get tough, but you do not need to hurt, maim, deceive, cheat, steal to get your goal. When we submit and silence our faith for our desires, and we become distracted trying to get what we ‘want’ against the better judgment of nature. When we do that, and intervene our natural order, we lose faith. And when we lose faith, we lose real power, and autonomy.

Faith is the single-most powerful driving force behind each and every single human being, It is the nuclear power in each and every single on of us. Have faith, nature will use all the power available to aid you, you will become super-empowered.


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