6 Billion Definitions of Happiness

Dear boys,

The starting part of this book asked about the meaning of happiness. And according to Lonely Planet, there are 6 Billion meanings to happiness, as each and every single one of us defines happiness in our own way, No one way is the same.

Lonely Planets Happy: Secrets of Happiness

Please remember that, if you see someone ‘happier than you.’ There is no need to ask why? Why is Jones happier than Joe? There is no comparison in that.

Having said that, each and every single one of us can only help each other come to our own conclusion of our own values. I can help you, as you are my sons, but at the end of the day, the days are still yours, and you define them yourselves. When I am gone, the baton is passed to the 2 of you, help each other. and find people who will help you, love them for helping you.

Keep helping people, in helping people, you will gain your happiness. Do not expect people to help you in return. If they do, then it is a bonus. If you expect them to help you in return and they don’t, or they did in a way that is not what you expected, you will lose happiness. Why would you want that?

Expect happiness, and sorrow will surely turn up. Do not look forward to having something in return and let the good things take their turn to come to you. You have to trust and have faith that when you help, your offering of help will be returned in kind. It always does, but to expect is to put a human element into that return, it will screw up your psyche. The universe works in its own mystical way, good things do happen to good people, but somethings else has to happen first. It is not always an immediate gratification.


2 thoughts on “6 Billion Definitions of Happiness

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    What a nice blog you created for your sons or you might be the leader of a Boy Scout Club? At any rate the boys of the world can use to hear what you say because world peace is in my prayers each night. When you teach boys more loving ways, you have created a more loving world.

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    Children Are Our Future Now!

    Nice to meet you!

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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