The Law

Dear Boys,

There is no ‘Law’, there is only generally acceptable guidelines as to the ‘hows’, dos and dont’s of societal acceptance. In every society, where man exists, there will be ‘The Law’.

And yet, I tell you there is no ‘Law’ The contradicts is when you subject yourself to the ‘law’. and when you do, as all of us eventually will; ask yourself, did you made your choice, or you choose to subject yourself to a socially acceptable norm?

So even with the Law in which you choose to accept, it is not absolute. In life, nothing is absolute, Einstein was right about the Theory of Relativity. everything is relative, even relativity! So when you asks yourself ‘How to…’ you are actually inquiring into a ‘law’, techniques, ways, methods, as to getting things done. Your dad has angst over this word ‘how’ and continues to do so, right now in writing.

The ‘how’ of things, is our reaching out to an external stimulus, often a stimulus of perceived superiority. sometimes it is better, but being better in its own merit and in our observation, might not be the best practice to take up. Sometimes we get drawn into the ‘how to’ part, we actually become proficient about it and started to evangelize it! We can get too close to the things we are observing, we became the very thing we are observing.

So we need to understand, the Law is not the Law for us, until we choose to accept it, even when we choose to accept the Law, we can never fully embrace it. for it will always be outside of us. We can only formulate our own internal Laws relative to the Law we choose to align ourselves with.

So learn the law if you must, but never take on other people’s law. we all have in in us to make our own rules, remember that. 



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