When I don’t care.

Dear boys,

You will begin to say this three worded phrase. “I don’t care.” Other permutations could be “whatever.” ” I don’t know.” “I’m not too bothered by it.”

The feeling is one associated with nonchalant. The point is, care, or the lack of it, is attention.

The fact that you cared enough to say ‘I don’t care.’ Meant that you did cared, well even for a small itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit, you did care. There is no escaping it, by saying I don’t care. We all care, even when we say we don’t.

So examine it, when you say I don’t care. For example, you meant well when you were to say. “Well, I don’t really care if you are Christian or Muslim, you are all my friends.” You will mean even better, “Well, I care, and it bothers me that you, as my best friend, is a Christian and I would like to know a little bit more about your faith!” You see, acceptance of a friendship, for this case, is understanding, and learning. It sound very accepting and unconditional to accept a friend in all shapes and sizes, but paying attention and caring about those shapes and sizes will give the friendship flavour.

So, caring is mandatory, even when you say ‘I don’t care.’


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