Karma and the domino effect.

Dear Wayne,

Lately you have been showing off to everyone your idea of a domino effect. Today I saw an illustration in the internet and I have got to tell you about this!

The picture shows a man, pushing a huge domino brick, and predictably the bricks will fall, ala domino effect, but guess where the last brick will land? in a circle, back on the man’s head!

(source: http://dkidiscussion.blogspot.sg/2011/09/domino-effect.html)

I think this is the most powerful image of cause and effect. no matter what we do, there will always be consequences. And even the fear of doing something, in fear of the consequences, is also unfortunately, has its own baggage. We cannot escape consequences, some we can never see coming, not for a long time, But despite of all that we still have to make a living, and you will come to realize that the more decisive you are, the more you are able to deal with the consequences. No, you cannot control the consequences, but you can control the decisions and choices. as long as the consequences is not of your desired outcome. change again. make another decision. Close the loop.

Ironically, when you procrastinate, the bigger and scarier the consequences is. It plays with our ego and insecurities, consequences has a forward, future looking effect, and if we make a decision now, we actually bring the future close to us. As long as we keep pushing it away, by making a decision of lower quality, we will always get a consequence of lower value.

Remember, we pay for what we delay, When we decide, fear and doubt reside.


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