The first day in your September School holiday- The Library

Dear boys,

We went out on a wet Thursday for a day trip around the city. I’ve long wanted to show you boys the Central Library with all its fun stuffs.( It is one of those buildings in the hustle and bustle of downtown Singapore where you can still find an oasis of peace and serenity, albeit on the 5th and the 10th floors.

There is also a Children’s library with a very nice ‘tree house’.

My work schedule don;t really allow me to introduce you guys to the beauty of books. My friend told me once, that if you are too poor to travel, reading books can take you to places you cannot afford. That I agree wholeheartedly as there is still a plethora of books out there that will open your mind as much as it has opened mine. We are in an era of e-books, but to me, being old-school, books is best. It doesn’t run out of batteries, does gets damaged when you drop it, you can smack an offending insect with it (hard) and continue reading, try that with an iPad!

Books to me are like old friends. I still like to buy books and keep them, and sometimes you can take out the same book and read again, and you’ll gain a new perspective! Old books can delve into the times where film cameras are still vogue and we still make calls with public phone booths. and yes, let’s not forget the computer’s ancestors, typewriters!

And in Singapore, we have a very, very nice and extensive library. The knowledge held in that building is nothing less than the best. If books is your best friend, then that building houses a heck lot of best friends.

I don’t know what your world might become, but given a chance, please keep and collect books, they are well worth their weight in gold. And they will never run out of batteries!


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