Lying and saying sorry

Dear Wayne,

It is very difficult to get you to admit to your mistakes.

Even when we catch you read handed.

Perhaps it is the fact that your hadn’t have an object permanence, and hence do not see the continuation of one activity leading to the consequence of another.

Of course for us adults, that would constitute as a ‘lie’ for us. Especially when we catch you hitting your elder brother and you immediately deny doing so, and refuse to admit, even with our incessant interrogation. That was a concern for us.

You seem so concerned of admitting to your misdeeds and of course, fearing the punishment you will be getting for your mischief.

But until recently with our relentless conditioning, and also perhaps you growing a little older, you are beginning to realize that it is Ok to apologize. There is in fact nothing wrong admitting to your mistakes, and yes, sometimes, you will be punished, but right now you are more willing to say ‘Sorry.’

In fact, now that you see that the act of saying ‘sorry’ helps you mend a tensed situation, you are more liberal in using it.



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