Why do humans have legs?

This morning, Ian asked me, ‘Pa, why do humans have legs?’

I was like, errr… erhm… well. The first instinctive answer was ‘Evolution!’

But I have to make it sound open to my 8 year-old son, without being ‘politically’ incorrect.

So I started, evolution of planet Earth. Telling him that due to billion of years of change, humans came to have feet and appendages on them!

And I gave him the other opinion that some people believe that God made humans.

The bottom line I told him, is that he has to look for proof, and evidence. Very much like his math homework,. Sure, he knows the answers, everyone knows the answer, it is in the workings that proves that he is able to get to the answer. So similarly, it is proven by Scientists that humans have evolved through billion of years of evolution to reach our stage (long, very long story, short!)

I’m not against religion and their opinion on things, Well, maybe I have my own opinions on their opinion on things, but I try as consciously as possible not to overly influence my boys with my bias. Well, if they choose to become religiously free, so be it. And if they choose a certain religion, fine as well.

Whatever they choose to do, they have to be informed, and make evidence and proof that they can support their knowledge.

(I think the subject matter is too deep for him to understand, the look on his face and the silence he gave me was a sense of profound…ignorance)


One thought on “Why do humans have legs?

  1. Which will hold an 8 year old child’s attention? A magic, wish-granting man in the sky or the study of taxonomy? I am waiting with baited breath to find out.

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