Happiness is a full time job

Dear Boys,

One of my greatest ‘perks’ being your dad, is the privilege of  being able to see the 2 of you expressing unabashed, unrestrained happiness. Sometimes screaming from the bedroom, to the living room, all day, everyday. Play, play and more play the whole day.

You boys makes happiness look as if it is your full-time job!

Please forgive for the times which I have to put a stop to your unwieldy joy, which can be over bearing. but to think about it, has being exceedingly happy kill anyone? Is being hyper-euphoric fatal? Well, I’m no statistician, but if happiness to kills, I guess the victim died happy!

As an Adult, it can be over bearing and overwhelmed by euphoria, so I have to moderate the fun you boys have. I know you boys are happy, I am happy that you 2 are happy, but I do not want to be overwhelmed by happiness to death. I don’t want to die happy, not yet, at least.

I think really, when you grow up to work, I hope you can remember that the job you hold, that brings in the dough, be your part-time job. Make Happy your full-time job. Make sure that everything you do, makes you scream and shout with joy. Never let people tell you (like how they told your dad, and your gullible dad actually BELIEVED them!) that you are too happy. There is no such thing as too happy, So what if you are too happy? It sure as hell beats being too sad! Overwhelmingly depressed!

Being happy is the best full-time job in the world!


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