A Very Complex Math Problem

“There are 2 teachers in a class. There are 29 students in the class, how many students do you add to make it 30?”

Ian, this is a complex math problem we discussed yesterday.

The problem is you are using what you know to solve the problem rather than looking at the sum and the see how to solve the problem. You gave me division, like ” 29 students divided by 2 teachers.” You even contemplated fractions. ???

Finally after repeating it to you for the third time, you gave me a quizzical ‘plus one?” you weren’t even sure of the right answer!

The answer is always in the problem, and the problem with us solving problems is we are always using what we know to solve the problem. the problem is not what we know, the problem is what we know about the problem. There are many ways to skin the proverbial cat, but there is only one RIGHT way to skin it. The problem sum I gave you tricked you into thinking that it is more complex than it seems, which is not the case. Most problems you will encounter is not complex, it only becomes ‘complex’ simply because of 2 effects, you are looking at your set of solutions to fit the problem, and not looking at the problem for solutions.

Remember one simple method, when you look at the sea, as a problem, and you need a mode of transport, do you try to drive a car into the sea? or a mountain bike? simply do whatever you think works? Look at the sea as a problem, and the answer will be evident to you.


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