When the Hand Holding Ends

Dear Ian,

I was wondering a couple of mornings ago, when I was walking you to school, holding your hand, as usual, then an epiphany hit me. I saw that other parent/child going to school, most of them are holding hands as well.

When will you decide that it is no longer cool to hold your parents’ hands?

I shared this with your mum last evening and guess what, she DREAD the day. It appears that we as your parents want to be in physical contact with you forever, when we also know this will not be physically possible. The closest we can ever get has to be your mum, when she carried you and Wayne, for nine whole months. Such intimacy is something a Dad can never experience.

Ok, back to the subject of hand holding.

I guess when that day will come serendipitously, it will happen in an evolutionary way, for you. For us, we will notice the difference, and of course it is no big deal to you, You probably would have grown up, holding your gal’s hands, more often than your parents’ hands. I guess this will happen, just like you growing up will happen.

As a Man, your Dad, it wouldn’t bother me as much as well. Hey, you gotta grow out of holding my hands eventually. But secretly, I too, dread that day.


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