The Choices you make decides your Fate

Dear Boys,

As the 2 of you grow up, you will learn a few really ‘dirty’, ‘vulgar’ 4-letter words like, ‘Luck’ and ‘Fate’. Some would say luck plays a big part in our lives. And some are fated to be in a certain predicament.

Well, there is an antidote to luck as well as fate. It is called choice and decision

For me, luck is luck, there is no good luck or bad luck, just as there is no such thing as good or bad fate. No one is fated, no one has good or bad luck.,

As you boys grow older, you will become more aware of the choices you have as much as you become more empowered in your decision-making. You will angst over choices to make and the consequences that follows them. Fret not.

Keep making decision, keep choosing. Continue to raise your awareness and your ability (or inability) to control the choices you make. More often than not, you can choose, and there is always a choice. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, or a series of ‘bad’ luck, don’t think of it as ‘fate’, or you are fated to be in a certain decision, position. Keep making decision, and you can, even in situations where it seems so overwhelming. The world is here, because some certain individuals made decisive, life changing choices that transformed themselves as a person and the world they live in thereafter.

So there is no bad luck, or good luck, rather, there is ‘bad’ decisions and ‘good’ decisions. Bad decisions can be based on a series of misinformation, or lack of information, or badly timed information. If that happens, make another decision, turn things around, even if you wallow in self-pity, that is also a decision you made, you just have little or no awareness of it, that is all.

Decision and choice are not impingement of your life, In fact, making decisions on choices wisely helps you ride the torrent of waves in the stormy sea of life. Life can be tumultuous, but it is your choice that decides on your reality. Keep choosing, keep deciding, these two words will shape your reality. Luck and Fate are for people who let reality shapes them.


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