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(Re posted with permission)

It’s been said that in order to live a peaceful life, one must learn to accept the things one cannot change. Many of us continue to struggle because we choose to challenge these truths or simply are not aware of them.

One of these immutable terms of Life is that you can’t make everyone like you. People will not accept you for who you are due to whatever reason and there is usually nothing you can do about it. Often, the reason is unknowable, influenced by an endless number of factors and probably doesn’t even have anything to do with you per se. Don’t take these people’s words or behaviour personally. Just be true to yourself.

Another of Life’s truths that we have to understand is how the world is a reflection of us. To actuate any positive change in the world, we must first positively change ourself. If we consistently bemoan the state of our life and complain about every little thing, our world is likely to seem miserable and pointless. But if we adopt a positive attitude and see every experience as a teacher, we will find the world rich, wondrous and full of new knowledge.

Similarly, if you are friendly and helpful towards others, they are more likely to respond to you in a similar way. Reacting towards violence with violence will only escalate the hostility.

Then there’s the perennial spectre of suffering, misfortune and calamity. No matter how much happiness, comfort or success you manage to achieve in your life or for your loved ones, you will always hear about people dying in wars, perishing in earthquakes and floods, or beaten down by a bad economy.

To our eyes, Life will always appear unjust and unfair. People we love will pass away, and misfortune may strike us even if we are the most loving, good and kind people we know. We can only do what we can, and trust that there is a higher consciousness that moves this world the way it does.

Also inevitable in Life is change. Many of us prefer our boats not to be rocked, but change need not be bad. It can seem disorienting, frustrating, even painful. But change leads to unforeseen benefits. Trust in change and go with the flow. Learn what you can from the experience and make the most of what results from the change.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Slice-of-Life/235115819838445,



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