Write to yourself.

Dear Sons,

I thought about  something I did for myself a few months ago. I took a lunchtime to write a letter to myself. It was a letter I wrote to myself, the 10years ‘me’ in future, to the ‘me’ now. It was quite a challenging endeavour and it requires a fair bit of creativity.  But it was a very insightful effort.

Can you do that? What will the future ’10-years-later-you’ tell the ‘present-you’? What would have happened in the next approximately 3650 days that would have propelled you to a whole new universe? We are our own best friend and the conversations we have with ourselves are the most important message that we tell ourselves. Far more important than what others tell us, far more important that what I tell you.

Writing to yourself, in such a context helps you clear your thoughts, channel your projections. It is not easy, because it is scary. Really? I mean the reality is that no one can predict the future, precisely because no  one want to be wrong about the future. but i dare you to make a stand, decided what your future will tell your present. from there pull yourself and gravitate towards that future you, and make that future a reality.



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