The best team in the world

Dear Boys,

We are your default team, for Ian, it will be me, mum and Wayne. for Wayne, it will be me, mum and Ian. Point is before you become a friend to anyone else, you are first and foremost our friend, peer, team-mate, or whatever you want to call it. We are your first, social circle.

It is with us, you learn to socialize. Learn to make friends, learn to play and take care of each other, hurt each other, the bottom line is we are your First Team. And when the whole world forsakes you, we will be there too, your Only Team. We are human beings and like all living things, we are, inter connected, I hope that you can realize that, this team you have is the best in the world.

As your ‘Team Leader’ (more often, your mum is the Team Leader), I have to make certain difficult decisions and you as my Team Members, will make things difficult for me. But that is how it is, the only thing special about this Team, is there is no quitters, we all try, as much as possible, no matter the difficulty to make things work. Even when it doesn’t, we limp along, and let things sort themselves out.

That is what being in a Family/ Team is all about. In other teams, you can get ousted, things gets dissolved. But in this Family Team, blood bonds. You cannot get ousted, no one can vote you out, everyone gets same speaking rights. Although not every decision is fair, there will be quarrels, but there will be no quitters. In this aspect, I hope in this team, you learn, to work out a difficult situation, and not to take quitting as your first option.

The opposite might happen too, because we are all default, life-time team mates, we will unwittingly take things for granted, take each other for granted. It happens, but that is the value. A Family Team is well worth its weigh in all the world’s gold, when the shit hits the fan. Never forget that, when things are good, let good things happen, and when bad things happen, we the family team will be there, backing you up all the way. That is the spirit of the Best Team in the World.


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