The ‘software’ of life

Dear Ian,

You asked us on Sunday, “What is in our bodies that cannot be seen?” Of course you knew the answer because you are smarter than us!

We made a few guesses, but obviously the answers were wrong! You told us ‘Germs!’ with the surety of an eight year old.

Well, I corrected you saying that we can actually see germs with a microscope. (Of course, you didn’t know that!)

What prompted me immediately was, what a good question that was! What is in our bodies that cannot be seen?

The obvious answers would be our thoughts, attitudes, perceptions and knowledge. The Mental stuffs.

Whatever we do and act, is a manifestation of our mental stuffs, the mental stuffs are the things that make material things materialize. Well, that is what all parents in the world are trying to do, impart values and  principles to their charges, the ‘software’ of life, so to speak, so that when they got their software right, hopefully the hardware should follow.

So principles, values, theories, stories, lessons, thoughts, attitudes, are the things we cannot see in our bodies, and yet, they govern almost everything thing material and immaterial. Of course, your didn’t know that!



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