Imparting perfection in an imperfect world

Dear sons,

This word has been used so many times it has become a cliche. “I’m not perfect.”

“Fine, dad”, you might say. Of course this might be follow up with a, “If you are not perfect, then where do you get your authority to teach me anything?”

I woke up this morning, with this realization, well, on a broader view, the world isn’t perfect(phew! that takes some responsibilities off this poor dad! and It is not my fault that world’s imperfect!). Then we are back to the start, since the world is not perfect, then what?

We often get caught in that parent trap of wanting the best for our kids, unwittingly assuming that the best is a close relative of perfection.So we impart high values like, meritocracy, honesty, punctuality, and other morally correct stuff, when more often than not, we, conduct ourselves in less than honorable means. Like my post to Ian, punctuality is such nag to learn, and yet I am often late too! In fact I was late for my first date with your mum! So where on earth did I get the right to teach anyone, especially my sons, about punctuality?

Then again, it is difficult to walk that middle way, sharing pros and cons with you two at this tender age. You boys, tends to take sides too quickly, exercise premature bias, rather than to see the matter in a larger context, jumping into conclusion… hey, wait a minute! That sounds like me!

No,boys. I’m not here to teach you the absolutes, because there are no absolutes in this world. This is a world of relativity, a world of ‘it depends’. I may sound like a fence sitter, but this is the reality of the world, from your dad’s perspective and experience. And yes, this is an experiential and experimental world. All the values and virtue I share with you boys, I hope to edge you close into finding your own world, not one that is perfect, but one which you can both exists in, comfortably and happily. Hey’ when you grow up to realize that your world ain’t perfect, at least find one that you are happy in.


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