Dear Ian,

It appears to be a very difficult concept for you to grasp time and the abstract value of being punctual. Almost everyday, your mum and I have to nag at you to hurry up. This is especially acute during breakfast when we have to hustle you to school.

I think this is quite universal, yet personal. Nothing seem to work to make you understand and relate to the abstract number moving second by second and minute by minute. and when the clock hits the ‘7.45am’ it means that you are ‘late’.

But how can I explain to you the value of being late? vis-a-vis punctual? what happens when you are late and you miss the plane? How the concept of time is tied in closely with cause and effect?

I tried to use a social, peer pressure. Like if you are late, all of your class mates have to wait for you, and if the lesson starts on time and you are not there, you will miss out on the teachings which might make it difficult for you to catch up.

I tried withdrawing my affection from you, by not giving you the customary kiss and hug at the school gate when you are late. and I realise that I want that hug and kiss and by withholding that, hurts me too.

It is so challenging to impart the value of punctuality to you. Well, this is part and parcel of my duty as a dad, to tell you how important it is to be on time.


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