One of the most common phrases we used on our kids is ‘Hurry up!’ I use this phrase almost everyday, somehow kids have a different time zone from parents. They do their stuff at the most inopportune time, not knowing when to be urgent and takes play as their most hurried job description.

It seems that there might be a gap between us, parents and them, children in terms of our understanding of time. We often see time as a sequence, schedule and one thing leads to another, and for kids, their concept of time, appears to be piecemeal, one stage does not necessarily leads to another, and in between tasks, there is always time for play, which is their sole reason for living, other than to piss the heck out of their parents with their always mischievous antics.

I say this 2 letter phrases almost every day at Ian and Wayne, and it seems totally incomprehensible to  them to ‘Hurry up!’ More often than not, we are literally dragging them y their noses to finish the tasks which we find oh-so-important, and to them oh-so-boring!

We have a timing to meet, seemingly uncompromising timing. Look, Ian has to be in school by 7.45am, period, there is no maybes, what-ifs, or perhaps. you past that time, you are late. Almost everyday I have to nag at him to hurry up with this breakfast, hurry up with his uniform, hurry up with his socks, and hurry up with his shoes. Everyday, I’m like a drill sergeant barking out at recruits who only understand play as a language and nothing else. Sometimes, even eating their meals is a chore!

I’m still trying to figure this part out, because they certainly do not use the normal clocks that we use. their time is certainly very, very flexible in their universe! Or perhaps, we adults/ parents are the ones with the warped time!




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