Leading them on

Yesterday, while I was walking Ian to school, I ask him, what would he like t do after his Primary School. Which he replied, ‘Go to secondary school.’ and I prompted him, ‘What about after that? ‘ To which he replied ‘ After Secondary school, go to Junior College!’ Predictably,  I asked him again, what about after that? He was at loss, about what to do after J.C.

I told him he can go to a Polytechnic if he wants to after Secondary School, and after his J.C, he can go to the university.

Kids will be kids, he told me that after his university, he will be able to do whatever he wants to do.

What the hell am I doing? Prompting him like this?

I mean, it might not go that way, and he do not have to do whatever he wants to do after his university, he is doing it right now! a living breathing eight year old tyrant!

The whole reason I asked him was in hope that he will be able to connect the dots, as what he is doing now will eventually lead to a path of higher learning. I intend to bring him to National University of Singapore (NUS) one of these days and let him roam the place.

So that he can get the idea that 1+1=2 will eventually leads to Quantum Physics, Biology, History. “A, B, C” will eventually leads to literature. He has to see for himself where the highest learning takes place so that he can be inspired and see for himself the path he can choose on his own.

Having said on his own, I might have lead him on a little to much? After all I didn’t go through the same mainstream education. He might follow suit and take the auxiliary path. Funny how it seems that we all preach how special our kids are, and yet we are all putting our kids through the production line style of education.

We make our kids unique by making them look like the rest of the flock.


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